Thursday, February 10, 2011


I just finished my breakfast (oh the excitement. I know.), and it was delicious!  I had bought a cup of Dr. McDougalls Peach Raspberry Oatmeal & Barley and grabbed it to take this morning because I lounged in bed too long.  So yummy!  It cost $1.50 on sale, if I remember correctly, from Wegmans.  I just checked out the company's website and it look like they offer four flavors: Cranberry Muesli, Apple Cinnamon, Maple 4 Grain and the Peach Raspberry. 

The Apple Cinnamon and Maple 4 Grain look like they're USDA Organic, while the cranberry and the peach raspberry use organic grains.  They sell a variety of other products as well, but this is the first time I tried anything from this brand.

You can order them from the website for $11.94 for 6 (plus shipping, I imagine), and it looks like Amazon carries these as well, for as low as $8.50 for 6 with subscribe and save on the peach raspberry.  The disposable packaging doesn't thrill me, but a nice treat when you're running late.

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