Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cheap Seeds!

Seeds of Change is giving away a million organic seeds through their "Sowing Millions Project."  I already signed up and was eventually able to get my registration through, but they are having some issues with the process so bring your patience with you.  You will receive a random assortment of 25 packets of seeds in 2-6 weeks.  There is a $4.99 shipping charge- considering I've spent $10+ on seeds ON SALE at the end of the season I did no think this was bad. 

And remember, you can SAVE these seeds to use next year as well as long as you store them in a cool, dry place.  I keep my seeds in pencil cases with those desiccant packets that often come in packaging (like shoe boxes).  The seeds I planted this year were all from 2009 or 2010 and I have a seedling growing in nearly all my pots (I believe I will need to re-plant two of the 70 or so). 

Thanks Organic Deals & Coupons!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Target Coupons

There are some nice coupons available on the Target website right now- some are new, some have been around for a while.  It's worth a look to see what's there for you to print.

$1/1 Burt’s Bees Lotion (expires 4/9/11)

$2.50/1 Huggies Diapers 48-ct. or larger (expires 4/9/11)- this should be good on Pure & Natural Jumbo packs in Size 1. Look for IPs to pair it with on

$1/2 Bertolli pasta sauces 15 oz+ (expires 4/30/11)- Bertolli has organic sauces that even my husband, the pasta sauce snob, thought were pretty good! I believe they run about $2.99 at Target.

$1.50/2 Breyer's Ice Cream (1.5 quart) (expires 4/30/11)

*$1/2 Archer Farms or Market Pantry Fruit Snacks or Granola Bars (expires 4/23/11)

$1/2 Archer Farms Peanut Butter 12 oz+ AND Preserves 9.5 oz + (expires 4/23/11)

*$1/2 Archer Farms Coffees 12-oz. (expires 4/23/11)

*$1/2 Archer Farms® Frozen Pizza 9" or 12" (expires 4/23/11)

*$1/2 Archer Farms Chips 8- to 14-oz. (expires 4/23/11)

$1/2 Archer Farms Cookies 3.5-oz. or larger (expires 4/23/11)

$1/2 Archer Farms Crackers 4.5-oz. or larger (expires 4/23/11)

$1.50/2 Archer Farms Nuts 10-oz. or larger (expires 4/23/11)
* = Definitely organic options available.  I am not sure on the others.

CVS 3/27/11-4/2/11

There are a few good deals at CVS this week:

Earth Essentials Toilet Paper (12 pack) $5.49
* I checked out this product at the store, and it looks like it's a 1-ply, non-cushy TP.  My husband won't go for this, so we'll stick to Marcal for now.

Buy Any Physicians Formula Cosmetics, get $7 ECBs (Limit 1)
* This is a GREAT deal.  Physicians Formula offers a line of more natural cosmetics, and you can try them cheap after the ECBs. And make sure to scan your card at the magic red machine- there are CVS coupons for Physicians Formula spitting out for some folks! (I got a $6/1 a week or two ago that I was able to use yesterday before it expired!)
Use $5/1 IP previously available from the Physicians Formula website
Use $1/1 coupon (2/27/11 SS, expires 5/31/11)
OR Use $1/1 coupon (3/20/11 SS, expires 6/30/11)

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara $9.99, receive $7 ECBs
* Note: This deal is listed separately in the ad and has a different ECBs number, but I haven't yet tested myself whether this is different from the deal above.
Use $5/1 IP previously available from the Physicians Formula website
Use $1/1 coupon (2/27/11 SS, expires 5/31/11)
OR Use $1/1 coupon (3/20/11 SS, expires 6/30/11)

Weis Markets 3/27/11-4/2/11

And here are the deals I see at Weis Markets this week...

All Natural, Antibiotic Free Chicken Breasts $4.79/lb

Organic Girl Salads (5 oz) 2/$7
*As always, if you have a coupon for Olivia's Organics, then that may be your less expensive option.

Bunny-Luv Organic Baby Carrots 3/$5

Rice Select Brown Rice (36 oz) $6.59
* Rice Select does offer organic varieties, but I do not know if this is one of them.

Prairie Grove Farms Bacon (12 oz) or Franks (16 oz) $5.49
* You can read more about Prairie Grove Farms here.

Horizon Organic Milk (64 oz) $3.79

Alexia's Potatoes, Appetizers, Sides or Breads $2.69
* These occasionally go as low as 2/$5, but this isn't a bad price. They offer some organic options, including french fries.
Use $1/1 IP from Alexia's Facebook page

Other "Natural" Deals
Florida's Natural OJ 2/$6
*Better at Giant this week, and as I said on that post, these are not organic, but the oranges are down domestically (so less transportation required) and Florida's Natural does make use of some solar power.

Bolthouse Farms Juices (15.2 oz) 2/$5
* As I said on this week's Giant post, these are not organic, but Bolthouse does make an effort to make sustainable choices including using some solar panels and better transportation choices.

Giant PA 3/27/11-4/2/11

I apologize for the delay on getting this up- I have not been feeling well.  I'm leaning toward it being allergies, but it seems so early for that! It's 30 degrees outside! Oh well. Here are this week's Giant deals.  The last set of non-advertised price cuts were mostly expiring on 3/26, so I will scope out the new sales (which I'm guessing run from 3/27-4/30) and post those ASAP.

Nature's Promise Salads (16 oz) $5.79

Organically Grown Strawberries $3.99/lb
* If these look good I'm picking up a container.  Yum! I can't wait for my own to start growing!

Nature's Promise Organic Celery Hearts (16 oz) $3.49

Nature's Promise Organic Pretzels (8 oz) 2/$4

Nature's Promise Beef Franks (16 oz) $4.29

Nature's Promise Individually Wrapped Chicken Breasts $4.49/lb

Nature's Promise Bottom Round Roast $4.99/lb

Silk Soy Milk (All Varieties) $2.79
*Silk offers three organic varieties (original, unsweetened and vanilla).
Use the $0.75/1 or $2/1 IP from the "Silk 10 Day Challenge" (the $2 coupon was available for answering a few more questions, so look for that before accepting the lower value coupon)
OR Use the $0.75/1 coupon (2/6/11 SS, expires 3/31/11)

Green Mountain, Tully's or Newman's Own Coffee (10 oz) $5.99
*Green Mountain and Newman's Own offer organic varieties if your Giant carries them.

GE Soft White CFL Bulbs (2 pack) $4.99
*Part of the Buy 4, Save $0.20/gallon" deal.

Other "Natural" Deals
Florida's Natural OJ (59 oz) 2/$5
*While not organic, Florida's Natural uses oranges grown in in Florida, so at least there's a reduced environmental impact there, and they also make use of some solar panels on their grove. 

Bolthouse Farms Juice (15.2 oz) 2/$5
Again, not organic, but another company making an effort through the use of solar panels and improved transportation methods.  See more here.

Buy Any 4 General Mills Cereals (8.7-14 oz), get a OYNO coupon for FREE milk (up to $4.59)
You can wind up paying as little as $3 for four boxes of cereal to donate and put the OYNO coupon toward organic milk.  I bought a half-gallon of Stonyfield milk with my last coupon and had no issues other than the coupon needing to be adjusted to the price of the milk.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Garden Update!

It feels good to be doing a garden update while listening to the sleet hit the window.  Take that, wintry mix!

This is the second year I have grown my own seedlings, but I don't remember how long things took to get growing last year and I am impatient with this year's progress so far.  It feels like things should be moving along more quickly, but everything is within the germination rates on the seed packets, so I suppose I just need to keep waiting.

Here is what things looked like a week ago:
The newspaper pots are all tomatoes, and the smaller pots in the front (those are cow pots) are broccoli.  When this was taken (about a week ago), there was nothing going on with the peppers yet.

And here are the tomatoes and broccoli as of today:

And the hot peppers!
And, as of tonight, I am thankfully FINALLY seeing two varieties of sweet peppers beginning to poke through.  They were beginning to make me nervous!  The seed packets do say germination takes 15-21 days (and it will be three weeks since I planted this Sunday), and the back bedroom where I am growing these averages 62-68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a little on the cool side.  Bottom line? Things are growing, and I need to learn to be a more patient gardener!

McCormick Deal at Giant

You can pick up some inexpensive organic spices right now at Giant by combining a store sale, coupons and a catalina offer.  First, the McCormick organic spices are all discounted by $1 right now.  Also, there was a $1/1 McCormick spice, herb or extract in the 3/13/11 Red Plum. And, finally, there is a catalina offer running through 4/10/11: Buy 2, get a $1.50 coupon good on your next order (OYNO), or buy 3 or more and get a $2.50 OYNO coupon.

Here are some prices from my local Giant (your prices may be slightly different.  I was at a Giant further from home on Tuesday and found lower prices):

Basil: $4.19
Bay Leaves: $6.99
Garlic Powder: $5.99
Oregano: $4.19
Cinnamon: $4.99

We make a lot of pasta sauce around here, so we go through lots of basil, bay leaves, and oregano.  While I do grow basil and oregano, I need to do a better job of preserving and saving them so we don't need to buy as much (or any!), but for now here's what I've been doing:

1 Basil $4.19
1 Bay Leaves $6.99
1 Oregano $4.19
Total: $15.37
Minus 3 $1/1 McCormick Coupons
= $12.37
Receive $2.50 OYNO coupon
FINAL = $9.87, or $3.29 each

I'm planning to stock up on these, perhaps three of each, and would also like to get a cinnamon, perhaps a garlic powder and maybe some cumin or cayenne. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

CVS 3/20/11-3/26/11

Nothing too exciting at CVS this week, but here's what I see...

Honest Tea 3/$3
Part of the Spend $15, get $5 ECBs deal

CVS Earth Essentials Single Roll Toilet Paper or Paper Towels $0.99

CVS Earth Essentials Toilet Paper (4 pack), Paper Towels (3 pack) or Napkins (250 count) $2.99

Physicians Formula Cosmetics 40% off
Use $1/1 coupon (2/27/11 SS, expires 5/31/11)
*Note: IMHO there's a better deal on Physicians Formula next week!

Spend $15 on a variety of CVS Pharmacy products, including cotton, get $5 ECBs
* Note: I believe I have seen CVS brand organic cotton balls.  I can't imagine needing $15 worth, but who knows!

Save $1.50/1 Softlips 2 pack
*Note: Softlips offers a number of organic options, but I do not know if CVS carries them, or if they're sold in a two pack.  Can't hurt to look, though!

Weis Markets 3/20/11-3/26/11

Here are the natural and organic deals at Weis Markets this week!

All Natural Antibiotic Free Chicken 25% off

Laura's 92% Lean Ground Beef (16 oz) $4.99

Organic Girl Salads (5 oz) 2/$7
*Note: As always, if you have a $1/1 coupon for Olivia's Organics that's probably a better deal unless you have an Organic Girl coupon (there have been tear pads around).

Olivia's Organics Celery Hearts (8 oz) 2/$4

Oikos Greek Yogurt (5.3 oz) 4/$5
Use $1/2 IP (previously available from Mambo Sprouts)
Use $1/8 IP from

Giant (PA) 3/20/11-3/26/11

This is what I see in the Giant ad this week.  I am also hoping to start highlighting the in-store deals that are not in the ad this week. 

Nature's Promise Organically Grown Apples or Pears $1.89/lb

Organically Grown Yellow Onions (3 lbs) $3.49

Organically Grown Navel Oranges (4 lbs) $4.99

Nature's Promise 4 pack Juice Boxes 2/$4
*Note: I don't know if all varieties are organic, but some are.

Nature's Promise Organic Apple Sauce (25 oz) 2/$5

Nature's Promise Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks $1.39/lb

Nature's Promise Pork Sirloin Roast or Cutlets $2.99/lb

Nature's Promise Boneless Strip Steak $9.99/lb

Kashi Cereal or Granola Bar Assorted Varieties (6.7-17.5 oz) 2/$6
*Note: I do not know if the Kashi organic cereals are included in the "assorted varieties," but I will check (probably tomorrow) and update. **UPDATE: The Kashi organics ARE included at this price! My Giant had all three varieties of whole wheat biscuits: Autumn Wheat, Cinnamon Harvest and Island Vanilla.  I have a couple boxes of the Cinnamon Harvest in my stockpile, but I haven't tried them yet.  Don't forget to look for specially marked packages that include a code for Recyclebank!!

Horizon Organic Milk Simgles (3 pack) $2.79

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bolder Challenge = Yogurt Coupon!

Bolder is offering a challenge sponsored by Stonyfield-- tell them how you re-use the containers from your organic products and you're eligible to receive a coupon for $1 off a 32oz container of Stonyfield yogurt.  There are just under 3,000 rewards left as I type this, so I wouldn't wait on this one. (it's HOT so HURRY and SNAG this one! Hah... just kidding! All the hype annoys me...)

I currently re-use the containers from my salads, but not from my yogurts.  I see one suggestion on their to use them to grow seedlings, but unlike the newspaper pots you can't plant them.  Any other ideas?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And while we're talking Amazon...

Currently Amazon is also offering Zoe Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (25.5 oz tins- 2 pack) for $14.50 with "Subscribe and Save."  The code ZOEOLIV5 brings the price down to $13.65.

So that's $13.65 for 51 ounces (1,508ml). A 500ml bottle of Filippo Berio organic olive oil is on sale at Giant for $5.49, I believe through the end of April.  There are $1/1 coupons available, making 500ml $4.49, or about $13.47 for 1500ml. 

Based on that I would jump in on the Amazon deal, since it's delivered right to my door, and we go through quite a bit of olive oil in our house. The Giant price is temporary and I've been watching it for a while- this sale price does not come around often. The Filippo Berio is regular $6.85, so $17.55 for 1500 ml with three $1 coupons, and $20.55 without any coupons.

That being said, DON'T buy the 2 pack of 1 liter Zoe olive oil tins thinking that's a better deal. While in theory the price is better, that's because the larger containers aren't organic. Not that I wasn't paying attention last night and made this mistake myself. *sigh*

Organic Valley Milk: CHEAP!

What was I saying the other day about not buying this from Amazon until they beat Wegman's price (after coupon)?  Was Amazon listening? Apparently.  Here's the deal:

The code VALLEYM4 brings it down to $7.65, or $0.63 each. Note that this is not available for "Subscribe & Save" at the moment, so you'll be charged for shipping unless your total order is enough ($25) for Amazon's free shipping, or you have Amazon Prime.
I'm actually on the fence about ordering this one.  I like the strawberry (not on sale), and have never tried the vanilla.  I'm not crazy about the disposable packaging, but I like these for after a long run as a "recovery drink" since they have some protein (and I'm not crazy about plain milk).  Hmm....

Thanks, Moms Need to Know!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Giant PA 3/13/11-3/19/11

Here are the deals I see at Giant this week.

Breyer's All Natural Ice Cream 4/$10
*Part of the Spend $25, get $10 coupon for your next order AND counts toward the month-long spend $100 on frozen foods get a coupon for $25 off your next order!

Nature's Promise Organic Apples of Pears $1.49/lb

Nature's Promise Organic Mushrooms (8 oz) $1.99

Nature's Promise Organic Salads (7 oz) $3.49
Note: A better deal than the Organic Girl at Weis since this is  larger container-- as long as you'll eat it all!  I barely get through the 5 oz containers most of the time.  I guess I should eat more salad!

Nature's Promise Carrots (2 lbs) $2

Nature's Promise Organic Toasted Oats or Raisin Bran 2/$5

Nature's Promise Soy or Rice Milk 2/$3

Nature's Promise Beef Franks (16 oz) $3.99

Nature's Promise Boneless Chicken Breast $3.99/lb

Nature's Promise Bottom Round Roast $4.99/lb

Did I miss anything?

Weis Markets 3/13/11-3/19/11

Here are the natural and organic deals I see at Weis this week!

Bunny-Luv Organic Baby Carrots 3/$5

Organic Girl Salads (5 oz) 2/$7
* Note: As I've said before, if you have a $1/1 Olivia's Organics coupon, it may be cheaper to use the coupon on that at regular price!

R.W. Knudsen Just Juices (32 oz) $7.99
Use $0.75/1 coupon here (requires registration)
* Note: Yikes!

Lundberg Rice (32 oz) B1G1 Free
* Note: Lundberg does offer organic rice, but I do not know if it is included in this sale.

Meyer's All Natural London Broil $7.99/lb

LaBrea Organic Wheat Bread $3.49

Simply Juice 2/$6
Use $1/1 IP coupon (from if you have it

Weis 5 Star Organic Coffee (10-12 oz) $8.49

Millstone Coffee (10-12 oz) $3.99 (Limit 1)
Use $2/1 coupon (2/13/11 RP, expires 3/31/11)
*Note: I believe Millstone has organic varieties, but I do not know if Weis carries them or if they're included.  Can't hurt to check though!

Annie Chun's Coupon

Annie Chun's is currently offering a coupon for $0.50/1 on their Facebook page if you "like" them. Plus, for every coupon redeemed, they will donate $0.50 to World Food Program USA. 

For dinner last night I used Annie Chun's organic soy-ginger meal starter.  It's absolutely delicious!  This time around I used chicken, peas, carrots, and mushrooms.  Admittedly, it was better with mushrooms and sugar snap peas, but I didn't have the sugar peas in the house this time around.  I brought the left-overs for lunch today. Yum!

In addition to the soy-ginger, Annie Chun's makes a number of other organic meal starters, as well as organic pot-stickers.  I really want to try the organic chicken and vegetable ones, and the shiitake and vegetable sounds good too. I've seen the meal-starters on sale for $3.99, but I don't have a price on the pot-stickers.  Anyone know what those go for?

Friday, March 11, 2011

CVS 3/13/11-3/19/11

Here's what I see at CVS this week!

Honest Tea 3/$3
Get $5 ECBs wyb $15

Physicians Formula Cosmetics B1G1 50% off
Use $1/1 coupon (2/27/11 SS, expires 3/31/11)

That's about it for organic or natural products.  There are also a couple of money-makers this week.  I'm still torn on the issue-- on one hand, products that are better than free after ECBs "make" me money to spend on the products I prefer to use, but it also means I'm buying the less eco-friendly product and (usually) donating it for someone else to use. Hmm....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shopping Trip!

I went on a bit of an epic shopping trip on Tuesday- what I wound up with is above.  I stopped at Rite Aid, Target, Wegmans and Weis.  I'm not going to breakdown all the transactions because I fear it would be very long, but here are some highlights:

8 Method Detergent (50 loads) $7.39 (50% clearance)
Used 8 $2/1 coupons
Tax $3.56
= $46.68 for 400 loads (about 11 cents/load)

2 Organic Valley Strawberry Milk (4 packs) $7.58
2 Cascadian Farms Frozen Veggies $5
1 Garden of Eatin' Red Hot Blues $2
2 Muir Glen Tomato Sauces $3.58
Used 2 $1/1 Organic Valley products
Used 2 $0.75/1 Cascadian Farms products (doubled to $1)
Used 2 $0.72/1 Muir Glen (doubled to $1)

Note that for the milk that's $5.58 for 8, or just under $0.70 each.  I'm waiting to see Amazon beat this price before I buy from them! (well, or until I run out of coupons, since without the coupons it's $0.94 each!)

2 Organic Kashi Cereals $6
1 Kashi Go Lean Crunch $3 (for FIL)
Used $1/1 Go Lean Crunch
Used $1/2 Kashi Product
Paid $7 & Received $3 Up+ Reward

There's plenty there that's not natural or organic.  I did buy the money-makers at Rite Aid (Ester-C, Keri lotion) and some of the cheap medications (Bufferin, Ascription, Viactiv with a rain check), as well as the free Nivea lip balm.  I also bought the cheap/free meds at Target (Up&Up ibuprofen, Prevacid/Maalox).  The dog food is also from Target-- that's for my mother's dog.

If you have any questions or comments, please share!

Is it Spring Yet?! Garden Time!

It doesn't seem like it, but it's time to get the seedlings started already!  I planted my broccoli, tomato, and pepper seeds on Sunday, and will plant the watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe in early April.  I plan to direct seed the cucumbers, peas, and carrots, and I will buy sweet potato plants.  That's the plan so far, anyway!  I still need to break out my graph paper and work out the grid.

I planted most of the seedlings in newspaper pots that I made myself.  It was a bit time consuming, but saved me money on buying pots- peat is inexpensive but as I understand it not the best environmental option, and more eco-friendly pots, like cowpots, are on the pricey side (particularly if you're starting 72+ seedlings!).  I had to tweak my folding technique a bit from the video I used to make my newspaper pots because my paper must be a different size, and the tabs were too small.  I cut about a quarter of the full page off and it worked well. It took about an hour to an hour and a half to make 30 pots once I got the hang of it. I do have one suggestion-- don't make them on the carpet! (whoops!)

I filled each newspaper pot  about half full with organic soil mixed with a small amount of Jobe's organic vegetable fertilizer.  I then topped each one off with a mixture of 50% peat moss and 50% vermiculite.  To make the peat/vermiculite mixture I combined the two in a bucket and mixed with water-- the peat is a little resistant to absorbing water, but it worked out.

So there should soon be 69 seedlings sprouting in our back bedroom.  I do not have a grow light, but I do use a small space heater (Target clearance last year-- about $8!) to warm up the room 2-3 times a day.  Here's the plant breakdown: 28 tomatoes, 18 hot peppers, 10 sweet pepper varieties, and 12 broccoli.  I wish I had started the broccoli a bit earlier, but it will have to do.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Organic at Big Lots?!

Yup!  I was skeptical at the possibility of finding organic deals at my local Big Lots, but I stopped in this weekend to look around.  They were having their "Friends and Family" sale on Sunday, so they were offering a coupon for 20% off most purchases.  Here's what I found:

2 Method "Block" Body Washes $1 ($0.80)
2 Honest Kids Drinks $2.00 ($1.60)
1 Nature's Path Organic Oatmeal $2.30 ($1.84)
1 Nature's Path Granola Bar $2.50 ($2.00)
1 Organic Green Tea $2.00 ($1.60)

I know the Nature's Path granola bars are on sale right now 2/$6 at my local Giant, so there's a good deal!  And the "best by" dates on all of there products were current-- in fact the oatmeal has a best buy date of March 2012.  I will definitely be making sure to stop in my local Big Lots more often!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Target Coupon!

Target published some new coupons over the weekend, including one for $1 off any Burt's Bees lotions.  Burt's Bees has been owned by Clorox since 2007, but I do still like their products, although I'd prefer to buy from a smaller or locally owned company.

That's all I see in terms of good new coupons, though!

Giant PA 3/6/11-3/12/11

Here are the natural and organic deals at Giant this week.

Organically Grown Yellow Onions (3 lbs) $3.49

Organic Carrot Chips (16 oz) 2/$5

Organically Grown Navel Oranges (4 lbs) $4.99

Nature's Promise Organic Tomato Sauce 2/$4

Laura's Lean Ground Beef $4.29/lb

Nature's Promise Top Round London Broil $4.99/lb

Nature's Promise Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs $2.99/lb

Horizon Chocolate Milk (12 pack- 8 oz) $8.99
* This is part of the 'Buy 4 and save $0.20/gallon' deal.

That's all I see in the Giant ad this week.  I will say that Giant seems to discount natural and organic items with longer-term price cuts that are rarely advertised.  I am working on a system to keep those up to date!

Weis 3/6/11-3/12/11

Here are the deals I see at Weis Markets this week.  Happy shopping!

Breyer's Ice Cream (48 oz) 3/$10
* I love that I can pronounce everything on the Breyer's carton. I do not think this is the best price I have seen on this, though.  I believe I have purchased it for around $2.75.

Organic Girl Salads (5 oz) 2/$7
* I have noted before, if you have a $1/1 coupon, it may still be less expensive to buy the Olivia's Organics salad.

Organic Blueberries (6 oz) 2/$7

Eggland's Best Cage Free Eggs 2/$5
Use $0.50/1 coupon (10/31/10 SS, expires 3/31/11)
OR Use $0.50/1 coupon (1/30/11 SS, expires 6/30/11)

Yesterday's News Cat Litter (13.2 lbs) 2/$10

Stash Teas (20 count) 2/$5
* Stash offers organic varieties, but I do not know if Weis sells them.

That's all I see in the ad this week.  Please let me know if I've missed anything!

Friday, March 4, 2011

CVS 3/6/11-3/12/11

As far as I can see these is nothing to report at CVS this week! Oh well!

Acquired Taste?

No, I'm not talking about my writing style.  I finally broke down this morning and tried some of hubby's coffee. I even sweetened it up a bit with some cinnamon-vanilla non-dairy creamer (yeah, that's natural), despite hubby's protests that I was desecrating the coffee. But it was AWFUL.   Absolutely terrible.  All I could taste was bitter.  Now, I am a super-taster, which may have something to do with it, but I would appreciate any suggestions as to how I can acquire a taste for coffee.  I desperately want to like it, as I would love to replace my daily Diet Mountain Dew habit (I'm averting my eyes in shame as I type that).  I've tried green tea, too, and so far it's a no go.  I love my caffeine, but I need a new source-- any suggestions?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Month = New Coupons!

Happy March!  I can almost hear spring coming.... well, maybe not.  It's 20 degrees in Pennsylvania today. Warmer weather on the way, though!  Anyway, it's a new month, and that means new coupons!  Here's what I see so far:
$1/1 Kashi Berry Blossoms Cereal (this is not an organic cereal, but Kashi is "more natural")
$1/1 Kashi TLC Soft Baked Cereal Bar (again, not organic.  I highly recommend Cascadian Farms granola bars)
$1/1 Olivia's Organic Salad (reset, although I think I was only able to print one new one)
$0.75/1 Muir Glen Product (yay! I highly recommend their salsa. Yum!)

Mambo Sprouts
$1/2 Oikos Greek Yogurt
$0.75/1 Santa Cruz Organic Product
$1/1 Organic Valley Soy Milk
$1.50/1 Rice Select Product (they have several organic options)
$1/1 Country Choice Organic Product
$0.55/1 San-J Cooking Sauce
$1/1 Lundberg Rice Cakes (these are organic, but I wonder if they still taste like cardboard?)
$1/1 Mary's Gone Crackers Product
$0.55/1 Frontera Product
$1/1 Frontera Salsa or Dip
$1/1 Divine Chocolate (reset?! Yay! LOVE their white chocolate w/strawberry crisp)
$1/1 Organic Valley Live Lowfat Yogurt
$1/1 Numi Puerh Tea
$1/2 Helios Organic Kefir
$1/1 Grass Point Farms Product (probably not available in PA)
$1.25/1 Equal Exchange Coffee (hubby says it's good, but not as good as Grounds for Change)
$0.75/1 R.W. Knudsen Sparkling Essence 4 pack (this looks good, but I haven't tried it yet)
$1/1 Olivia's Organics (this may be tied to the coupon. phooey!)