Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Organic at Big Lots?!

Yup!  I was skeptical at the possibility of finding organic deals at my local Big Lots, but I stopped in this weekend to look around.  They were having their "Friends and Family" sale on Sunday, so they were offering a coupon for 20% off most purchases.  Here's what I found:

2 Method "Block" Body Washes $1 ($0.80)
2 Honest Kids Drinks $2.00 ($1.60)
1 Nature's Path Organic Oatmeal $2.30 ($1.84)
1 Nature's Path Granola Bar $2.50 ($2.00)
1 Organic Green Tea $2.00 ($1.60)

I know the Nature's Path granola bars are on sale right now 2/$6 at my local Giant, so there's a good deal!  And the "best by" dates on all of there products were current-- in fact the oatmeal has a best buy date of March 2012.  I will definitely be making sure to stop in my local Big Lots more often!

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