Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cheap Seeds!

Seeds of Change is giving away a million organic seeds through their "Sowing Millions Project."  I already signed up and was eventually able to get my registration through, but they are having some issues with the process so bring your patience with you.  You will receive a random assortment of 25 packets of seeds in 2-6 weeks.  There is a $4.99 shipping charge- considering I've spent $10+ on seeds ON SALE at the end of the season I did no think this was bad. 

And remember, you can SAVE these seeds to use next year as well as long as you store them in a cool, dry place.  I keep my seeds in pencil cases with those desiccant packets that often come in packaging (like shoe boxes).  The seeds I planted this year were all from 2009 or 2010 and I have a seedling growing in nearly all my pots (I believe I will need to re-plant two of the 70 or so). 

Thanks Organic Deals & Coupons!

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