Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Giant PA 3/27/11-4/2/11

I apologize for the delay on getting this up- I have not been feeling well.  I'm leaning toward it being allergies, but it seems so early for that! It's 30 degrees outside! Oh well. Here are this week's Giant deals.  The last set of non-advertised price cuts were mostly expiring on 3/26, so I will scope out the new sales (which I'm guessing run from 3/27-4/30) and post those ASAP.

Nature's Promise Salads (16 oz) $5.79

Organically Grown Strawberries $3.99/lb
* If these look good I'm picking up a container.  Yum! I can't wait for my own to start growing!

Nature's Promise Organic Celery Hearts (16 oz) $3.49

Nature's Promise Organic Pretzels (8 oz) 2/$4

Nature's Promise Beef Franks (16 oz) $4.29

Nature's Promise Individually Wrapped Chicken Breasts $4.49/lb

Nature's Promise Bottom Round Roast $4.99/lb

Silk Soy Milk (All Varieties) $2.79
*Silk offers three organic varieties (original, unsweetened and vanilla).
Use the $0.75/1 or $2/1 IP from the "Silk 10 Day Challenge" (the $2 coupon was available for answering a few more questions, so look for that before accepting the lower value coupon)
OR Use the $0.75/1 coupon (2/6/11 SS, expires 3/31/11)

Green Mountain, Tully's or Newman's Own Coffee (10 oz) $5.99
*Green Mountain and Newman's Own offer organic varieties if your Giant carries them.

GE Soft White CFL Bulbs (2 pack) $4.99
*Part of the Buy 4, Save $0.20/gallon" deal.

Other "Natural" Deals
Florida's Natural OJ (59 oz) 2/$5
*While not organic, Florida's Natural uses oranges grown in in Florida, so at least there's a reduced environmental impact there, and they also make use of some solar panels on their grove. 

Bolthouse Farms Juice (15.2 oz) 2/$5
Again, not organic, but another company making an effort through the use of solar panels and improved transportation methods.  See more here.

Buy Any 4 General Mills Cereals (8.7-14 oz), get a OYNO coupon for FREE milk (up to $4.59)
You can wind up paying as little as $3 for four boxes of cereal to donate and put the OYNO coupon toward organic milk.  I bought a half-gallon of Stonyfield milk with my last coupon and had no issues other than the coupon needing to be adjusted to the price of the milk.

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