Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Garden Update!

It feels good to be doing a garden update while listening to the sleet hit the window.  Take that, wintry mix!

This is the second year I have grown my own seedlings, but I don't remember how long things took to get growing last year and I am impatient with this year's progress so far.  It feels like things should be moving along more quickly, but everything is within the germination rates on the seed packets, so I suppose I just need to keep waiting.

Here is what things looked like a week ago:
The newspaper pots are all tomatoes, and the smaller pots in the front (those are cow pots) are broccoli.  When this was taken (about a week ago), there was nothing going on with the peppers yet.

And here are the tomatoes and broccoli as of today:

And the hot peppers!
And, as of tonight, I am thankfully FINALLY seeing two varieties of sweet peppers beginning to poke through.  They were beginning to make me nervous!  The seed packets do say germination takes 15-21 days (and it will be three weeks since I planted this Sunday), and the back bedroom where I am growing these averages 62-68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a little on the cool side.  Bottom line? Things are growing, and I need to learn to be a more patient gardener!

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