Friday, February 25, 2011

Fail: Target Coupons

UPDATE: Apparently, Target DOES sell an organic Archer Farms FROZEN tomato soup (17.3 oz), currently on sale for 2/$4.  You can use the $1/2 Target coupon to make it $1.50 each! I didn't think to check my store's frozen section for soup, so I don't know if this is available only at Super Target or all stores.  I will check later.  Thanks Totally Target!

I finally had a chance to stop at Target last night to scope out the options for the new coupons, and I was pretty disappointed.  There are no organic options in frozen veggies, oatmeal, pasta sauce, pasta or soup at my local (non-Super) Target. Also, my store did not have the Wolfgang Puck soup yet.  I hope they do start carrying it!

I already knew about it, but there are two organic Archer Farms salsas: chipotle (medium) and cilantro (mild).  These run $2.99 each regular price.  I have a jar of the chipotle at home, but we have not tried it yet.  Is it any good?

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