Monday, February 21, 2011

Groupon: Nature's Prime Organic Foods

For another nine hours or so you can get $75 worth of organic foods from Nature's Prime for $35 on Groupon.  I apologize if that link doesn't take you directly there, I can't see to get it to go where I want it to!  For me this deal is listed on the right under "More Great Deals Nearby."  If it's not there, try refreshing.

ANYWAY, Nature's Prime offers mainly organic meats, cheeses, and coffee.  They have been featured on Groupon before, and I've considered it, but I've never made a purchase.  I am sure my husband would appreciate the various steaks, and organic, grass-fed beef is difficult to find in this area.  Shipping is a flat $15 for orders under $100, and free for orders over $100 (so basically you can spend $15 on shipping or get another $25 worth of product and free shipping).  The Groupon is good only on regular prices, and it looks like you may have to place your order over the phone in order to use the Groupon discount code.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive some sort of credit for referring you to the website.  If you prefer I didn't, you can just type the URL into your browser manually.

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