Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today's Eversave: Marshmallows!

Today's "save" for the Wilkes-Barre area on Eversave is organic/natural marshmallows from 240Sweet.  For $7, or $5 if this is your first purchase, (plus $6.25 shipping) you receive a package containing their three most popular flavors: very vanilla bean, salty caramel, and elephant ear (cinnamon & sugar).  They have some other flavors that sound good as well, but are not part of this deal (peanut butter & jelly? strawberry daquiri?  Yum!).

I haven't decided if I am buying this or not... on one hand, the marshmallows sound delicious, on the other hand, marshmallows are not something I need to be spending money on right now, nor are they something I need to be eating!

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