Friday, February 4, 2011

CVS 2/6/11-2/12/11

It's a slow week for organic and natural products at CVS.  Here's what I see- if you notice anything else, please let us know in the comments!

CVS Picnic Tableware B1G1 Free
This appears to include their "Earth Essentials" line, which is supposed to be more eco-friendly. I do not know much about the products, and reusable is so much better... but if you need paper plates, perhaps this is a better choice than most!

CVS Earth Essentials Toilet Paper- 12 rolls $5.49 (Limit 3)
Reusable is, uh, less of an option here, so this may be a good choice.  We mainly use Marcal Small Steps, and I cannot vouch for the quality of this toilet paper, nor it's eco-friendliness, but perhaps I will check it out and let you know!

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