Friday, February 11, 2011

Horizon Organic Milk

Good afternoon!

I just saw this on Organic Deals & Coupons:

Amazon has a 12 pack of Horizon Organic Vanilla Milk singles on sale for $9.47 (after subscribe and save), which works out to $0.79 each.

And the Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk singles (18 pack) on sale for $14.02 (after subscribe and save), or $0.78 each.

In my (limited) opinion, these prices are on par with grocery store prices, so not a spectacular deal, but they are being delivered right to you door for a good price. I have seen four packs (of Organic Valley singles) regular price for $3.75-$4.50, so with a $1/1 coupon they're $0.68-$0.87 each. And I believe I have seen the 12 packs on sale for $9.99 at Giant, but don't quote me on that (so $0.75 each after $1 coupon).  I know I recently bought a 3 pack of Horizon Strawberry singles for $2.79 (less $1 coupon) at Target, so $0.59 each.

Note: Links in this post are direct links to the Amazon pages, NOT affiliate links, so click away!

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