Sunday, February 20, 2011

Delicious Oranges on Jasmere!

I am a little tardy to the party getting this posted (my in-laws were here this weekend. does that get me some sympathy points?), but this weekend's deal on Jasmere is from The Orange Shop.  You can order a half or full bushel, and choose between temple oranges or sugar belles, or get a mix of both. 

Right now the half bushel (~20 pounds; 24-36 oranges) is going for $19, and the full bushel (~40 pounds; 48-72 oranges) is priced at $30.  A shipping charge of $12.95 per box will be added to all orders, so the full-bushel is a better deal (and what I just ordered!). Don't forget to use the coupon code SAVE11 to save another 11%.

I purchased oranges from this company back around the holidays when it was featured on Jasmere, and they were absolutely delicious.  Very juicy!  I finished my share of the half-bushel I purchased in about 2 weeks- the oranges seem to store very well.  

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