Monday, February 7, 2011

Organic Coffee on Jasmere

Today's Jasmere feature is three 8 ounce bags of organic coffee from Liga Masiva.  This is a sampler box of sorts, so it comes with three roasts: light, light/dark and darker, as well as a brewing guide.  My husband is the coffee drinker in our house, and he has not tried this company's coffee yet (although now he will be!).  He is currently drinking Doma coffee which I purchased from Roozt and he is really enjoying it.  That coffee was about $22 (including shipping) for two pounds.

Liga Masiva roasts their beans, which are from the Dominican Republic, in small batches.  These are organically grown, and Liga Masiva pays their farmers a fair rate that is nearly twice what they would be paid for their beans on the open market.

Right now the Jasmere price is $18 plus $6 shipping for 1.5 pounds, which works out to $16/lb. On the Liga Masiva website, a 12 ounce bag retails for $14.99 plus $4 shipping (about $25/lb), so this is nearly 50% off already, and that price should go down as more people purchase this deal, and you'll be charged the lowest price no matter what time you purchase.

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