Monday, February 28, 2011

Giant PA 2/27/11-3/5/11

Here are the natural and organic deals at Giant this week. Please let me know if I am missing anything!

Nature's Promise Baby Carrots (16 oz) 3/$5

Nature's Promise Clamshell Salads (7 oz) $3.49

Organic Portabella Mushrooms (6 oz) $3.49

Organically Grown Apples (red or golden delicious, gala, granny smith, or fuji) $1.99/lb
* Only $0.30/lb more than the conventional price!

Nature's Promise Whole Chicken $1.49/lb
*Note: As far as I can tell, this is equivalent to Perdue's new "USDA verified" option. The chickens are fed a vegetarian diet, etc. Also, I have a raincheck for $1.29/lb, so these do go lower!

Nature's Promise Port Tenderloin $6.49/lb

Nature's Promise Beef Eye Round Roast $4.69/lb

Also advertised in the ad is their month-long catalina deal: spend $100 on frozen food (with a few exceptions), receive a $25 catalina good on a future order!  The ad states that this is after all discounts, but it has been reported that people are receiving at least partial before-coupon credit.  This tracks on the bottom of your receipt, so you can always buy what you plan on buying and keep an eye on your total-- if I'm close to $100 at the end of March I'll pick up a few extras to bump me over.  I will explore Giant's frozen section more closely and report back on what I find- the only organic frozen item I know Giant carries for certain is Alexia french fries. (o;

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