Thursday, April 21, 2011

Garden Update!

With a month or so until it will be time to plant, things are looking pretty good in the back bedroom/greenhouse.  Last night I took up the sad task of thinning my pots, which means I had to cut some perfectly healthy plants.  I did save some of the tomatoes I cut in the hopes that I can re-plant them and nurse them to health in their own pots as replacements for a few that didn't germinate or are not thriving. 

As of now my final inventory is as follows:

17 Hot Peppers (6 Mucho Nacho, 5 Serranos, 6 Jalapenos)
11 Sweet Peppers (2 Sweet Banana, 2 Golden Marconi, 2 Red Mercury, 3 CA Wonder)
5 Roma Tomatoes (2 still questionable)
5 San Marzano Tomatoes (3 questionable)
5 Beefsteak Tomatoes
2 Brandywine Pink Tomatoes
4 Red Oxheart Tomatoes (2 questionable)
2 Yellow Pear Tomatoes
2 Italian Grape Tomatoes (1 questionable)
2 Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes (1 questionable)

I am particularly disappointed in the San Marzanos, as those were new seeds this year, and I only have two really healthy looking plants from 5 pots! And without any further ado...

The peppers are coming along fairly well, although I am hoping for some good growth in the next month.  First, the hot peppers:

Most of these now have their second leaves and are working on their third set. Right to left these are jalapenos, serranos and mucho nachos.

The sweet peppers were even slower to start then the hot peppers, so they're still working on their second set of leaves:

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