Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fabkins on Jasmere

These things are frickin' adorable.  I usually shy away from posting "kids stuff," as I don't have any, but I really like these.  Today's feature on Jasmere is "Fabkins"-- organic cotton napkins with a variety of cute  themes.  They're offering a set of five (you choose the design) which retails for $25, but right now the Jasmere price is $12 (plus $5 s&h for the first set, and $1 for additional sets).  That price is likely to go down before the deal ends tomorrow at noon.  Remember you'll pay the lowest price the deal reaches regardless of what time you order.

Do you use cloth napkins at home?  We still use paper towels, but we have switched to cloth at the dinner table.  So far so good!

Note: This post contains an affiliate link, meaning that I will receive some sort of credit for referring a new customer.  If you prefer, feel free to navigate on your own, but of course I appreciate the click!

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